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Watch Getting Back to Abnormal

Watch Getting Back to Abnormal

Getting Back to Abnormal

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  • Louisiana Boys - Raised on Politics

    A hilarious, unorthodox look at the colorful, Byzantine political culture of Louisiana, home to Huey and Earl Long, David Duke, and Edwin Edwards, where politics is a long-running spectator sport.

    Winner of the DuPont-Columbia Journalism Award.

  • The Japanese Version

    This award-winning film takes an unusual look at the West's influence on Japanese popular culture, looking at everything from weddings with giant rubber cakes to "love hotels", decorated in different Western fantasies; to Tokyo businessmen in letter-perfect cowboy outfits singing the theme to Raw...

  • Vote for Me - Part 1: Politics 101

    What is it to actually run for office? To organize campaigns? To produce negative ads? To build legislative coalitions? See all this and more in this entertaining and revealing Peabody Award-winning TV series that travels across the country to show us how politics is really played in the U.S.